Our vision, “To be the most respected brand in the markets we serve”, requires uncommon commitment to the customer.  One example of our commitment is the formation of dedicated teams to serve our customers throughout the life of their project, as depicted in our Project Life Cycle Chart

This practice alone, however, without benefit of the necessary supporting culture, may not result in delighted customers.  This is why our culture prioritizes:

  • Customer centrism – customers are the purpose of our work, and we serve them accordingly
  • Team over self – we best serve our individual interests by serving those of the team
  • Accountability – we take full responsibility for the consequences of our actions and inactions
  • Self-improvement – the company must continually improve, therefore each of us must do the same
  • Investor mentality – our financial rewards rise and fall with the company’s

For those sharing our philosophy, we offer a variety of workplace benefits, including a profit-based compensation bonus program, work schedules that allow most to complete their week by noon Friday, an expansive fitness center, a fully equipped recreation room, and employee-sponsored “healthy snacks”.

We’re proud of our past accomplishments, but our focus is on the future.  By prioritizing the customer experience, and by harnessing the power of our collaborative capabilities, we hope to delight our stakeholders in ways we can’t even yet imagine.