Series Number: MIP100-XXX

Model Shown: MIP100-002


  • HD Input

Devices such as: Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Blu-ray player, etc. See Technical Manual for all supported device types

  • Dual 3G SDI Outputs
  • USB Input data (when connected to smart monitors)
  • USB charging

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Product Description

Rosen’s Media Input Panel (MIP) serves as a gateway, providing passengers with options to view and share content.

To watch content, simply plug your hdmi cable into the HD input port. Or, view content from a USB device plugged into the USB input port. Rosen’s new “Smart Monitors” also provide the ability to upload and store content internally from the USB input. When not being used to view content, the USB provides 1.5A charging for PED's or other carry on devices.

Note: When using the Media Input Panel with one of Rosen’s non-“smart monitors” the USB port will act as a charger only.

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