Video Distribution Amplifier

Series Number: 0700

Model Shown: 0700-006


  • 10.4"(w) x1.9"(h) x4.4"(d)
  • Weight - 1.59 lbs
  • Automatic gain control for leveling video input signals
  • Briefing override for all video signals
  • Video outputs individually configurable
  • Inputs- 4 composite and 2 Analog RGB
  • Outputs- 8 Composite and 3 Analog RGB
  • Operating power - 28VDC

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Product Description

Video Distribution Amplifier

Video distribution made easy with built in RGB/VGA inputs. Distribute 4x8 composite and 2x3 RGB all from one unit. With numerous configuration settings available, this is the best performing video distribution unit available today.

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